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Height Safety Inspections and Anchor Point Testing Gold Coast

Height safety systems including fall arrest anchor points, rope access anchor points, stainless steel static lines and walkways must be inspected and certified annually by a qualified height safety equipment inspector.

Testing and Tagging Concrete Anchor Points

Concrete mounted anchor points such as M16 eyebolts, commonly found in rooftop slabs on high rises and commercial buildings must be load tested to half of their ultimate load of 15kN for 3 minutes in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4-2009.  Although rope access anchor points technically only have to be tested and certified to 12kN, it is best practice to load test them to the higher fall arrest standard.

Additionally the inspector must be able to confirm that the anchor points were manufactured in accordance with AS5532 and ascertain the details of the manufacturer, installing company and installation date.  Concrete anchors that don’t comply to these standards must be removed and replaced with compliant concrete mount anchor points.

From a design perspective the concrete mount fall arrest anchors can not be loaded in “direct pull”, meaning the loading force when using the anchor point or in the event of a fall must come from within 20 degrees of a direct side on pull.

Inspecting and Tagging Surface mount anchor points

There are typically two types of surface mount anchor points.  Those designed to be used as rope access anchor points – typically larger plates supported by 12 fixings – and those designed to be used as fall arrest anchors – typically a smaller plate supported by 1o fixings.

Critical information about the anchor point such as the name of the company who manufactured it, the installer of the anchors and date of installation must be readily available in order to complete the certification.

Additionally the certifying technician will inspect the anchor point itself, the fixings and the surrounding roof top area that supports the anchor for any signs of wear or a possible fall being sustained on the anchor point.

Inspecting and certifying static lines, walkways and other hardware

In addition to rope access and fall arrest anchor points, there is a variety of other height safety hardware that must be inspected and calibrated on an annual basis.

Height safety systems such as static lines, walkways, self retracting lanyards, ladders and rails all have manufacturer specific guidelines for carrying out annual inspections and certifications.

Tweed Rope Access has the industry knowledge, equipment and experience to offer you comprehensive height safety inspections on all your anchor points and hardware.

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Anchor point testing

Testing a concrete mount anchor point on the Gold Coast

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