Surface mount rope access anchor point

How to tell the difference between rope access and fall arrest anchor points

When carrying out fall arrest and rope access anchor point testing on the Gold Coast, the first thing that must be established is the type or purpose of the anchor points.

There are anchor points designed to be used as fall arrest anchor points only, anchors designed for rope access use and a range of anchor points that have been engineered for both rope access and fall arrest purposes such as M16 concrete mount anchor points.

Though there are a wide range of anchor points on the market and it is vital that you check with the height safety manufacturer and the compliance plate to see what the purpose of the anchor is, the following article will give you a rough idea of types of anchors.

Surface Mount Fall Arrest Anchor Point

fall arrest anchor point

Typical surface mount fall arrest anchor point from Skypro.

A common type of anchor point found on tin roofs when carrying out anchor point certifications on The Gold Coast and Brisbane is the stainless steel surface mount anchor point.  Typically it is fixed to the roof with either 8 rivets and 2 roofing screws that go into the purlin/rafter, or 10 rivets all holding it to the surface of the tin sheet.

Some surface mount anchor points have built in shock absorbing connection points such as the one in the image below and must not be used for rope access as the anchor is designed to deform under a shock load and may deploy under abseil use.

froglink anchor point

The wavy arms that support the attachment point will give way and straighten out to absorb the impact of a fall.

Fall arrest anchor points must be rated to 15kN in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4-2009

Surface Mount Rope Access Anchor Point

The rope access surface mount anchor point is becoming the most common rope access anchor point found when testing anchor points on tin roofs such as colorbond at The Gold Coast.  These anchor points are fixed both to the surface of the tin sheeting and into the purlins or rafters, however are typically larger anchor plates and are held with 12 fixings to add strength and support for the anchor point to hold sustained loads.

Surface mount rope access anchor point

Rope access surface mount anchor point from Skypro.

Rope access anchor points must be rated to 12kN, however industry best practice is to rate them at the 15kN fall arrest standard.

Concrete Mount Anchor Points

The most commonly found anchor point in concrete roofs or panels is the M16 stainless steel eyebolt.  Whether the anchor has been chemically fixed into the concrete or mechanically set in like a dynabolt, 16mm concrete anchor points are usually rated to 15kN and can be used for both rope access and fall arrest purposes.

concrete mount anchor point

M16 concrete mount anchor points must be load tested to half of their ultimate rating of 15kN

It is important to note that standard M16 concrete mount anchor points must not be loaded in “direct pull” and therefor cannot be used in overhanging soffits if the purpose is to hang directly beneath them.

Some concrete mount anchor points such as the Concretelink anchor below, have a long arm under the eyelet which will bend under the shock of a fall to absorb the impact and can be used for fall arrest purposes only.

Fall arrest concrete mount anchor point

Concrete mount anchor with long arm designed to absorb the impact of a fall.

Purlin Mount Anchor Points

Purlin mount anchor points are comprised of two main components: a steel support bracket that braces itself beneath the purlin, and an M16 eye bolt that winds into the support bracket holding it into place.

As with the concrete mount anchor points, purlin mount anchors come in both “low profile” or “fall arrest” varieties with short arms or long arms beneath the eyelet for rope access or fall arrest purposes.

Purlin mount rope access anchor point

Low profile purlin mount anchor point designed for rope access or fall arrest use.

This article is intended as a guide only and should not be used as evidence to identify anchor point systems.  Please check with the manufacturer to confirm purpose or the anchor point before use.

Abseil Painting Gold Coast

TRA Commences Abseil Painting on O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

Abseil Painting Gold Coast

Abseil painting in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Tucked away in the beautiful lamington national park is the famous O’reilly’s Rainforest Retreat where 48 villas overlook the glorious views of the rainforest valley below.

Being nestled into the side of a hill and surround by trees, it was always going to be a challenge when it came time to repaint the pole home villas.

After consulting with numerous painting companies, which all planned on setting up extensive amounts of scaffolding that would both blow the budget and be an eyesore to the beautiful setting, the body corporate were desperate to find another way to get the villas painted.

Luckily there was a committee member who came up with idea of searching for a company who might be able to carry out the work using abseil painters.  After brief consultation with Alltech Industrial Abseilers, they were quickly shown how they could save a fortune on scaffolding, whilst reducing the downtime on villas by more than 75% with abseil painters.

With more money in their pocket and less downtime on renting out their villas, it was an easy choice to go with the abseil painting option and when Alltech Industrial abseilers won the contract, they teamed up with Tweed Rope Access to get the rope access painting project done.

Our team of abseiling painters have currently been working on the Gold Coast painting project for 2 weeks and have already repainted 4 of the villas.

Whether you have a high rise building, commercial structure or pole home villa – if access is a challenge, give us a call and we will show you how our team of abseil painters can carry out your Gold Coast high rise painting project in less time, less cost and less interruptions to your business.

abseil painter Gold Coast

Abseil painter works on high set villa in the Gold Coast Hinterland



high rise painting rope access painting

High Rise Painting Project to Commence in the Heart of Broadbeach

We are extremely excited to announce that we have been contracted to Alltech Industrial Abseilers to provide a rope access painting team to assist with external repaint of Mantra Sierra Grand in Broadbeach.The landmark high rise painting project is set to commence in September 2019 and will be carried out almost entirely using rope access methods.

Carrying out an external repaint on a 30 storey high rise such as Sierra Grand requires careful planning and consideration for the painting project to run smoothly and safely, with minimal disruptions to the guests or staff.

The rope access painting project is expected to take over 3200 hours of labour of the course of 3-4 months with an expected completion date just before the Christmas holiday period commences.  Tweed Rope Access will be committing 3 abseil painters to the project, which involve the application of a professional Dulux paint system in strict accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

Are You Looking to Repaint your High Rise or Commercial buildings?

Whether you are thinking about painting your building in the near future or are just looking for advice so you can plan for your future budget requirements, we can help you plan your commercial or high rise painting project from start to finish.

Call your local Tweed Rope Access rep today on 0410 293 975 to organise a free consultation and discover if a rope access paint job is right for your building.

high rise painting rope access painting

TRA to commence high rise painting project on the Gold Coast


High rise painters Gold Coast

How the Team Recently Helped Blueprint Repaint the Meriton

Tweed rope access has been providing abseil support to Blueprint to professionally install signs using rope access and help upgrade the branding on a range of Gold Coast high rises.

High rise painters Gold Coast

High rise painters working on the Meriton on the Gold Coast

Most recently the team were engaged to carry out rope access painting to approximately 1,200sqm of glass behind the giant Meriton logos that sit atop the two iconic Gold Coast high rises.  Access wasn’t the only challenge involved in this rope access painting project as getting an even finish on a glass surface involves selecting the right paint and applying it with the right technique.

With a qualified NACE painting inspector on the team and Level 3 rope access painters on the tools, Tweed Rope Access had the right team to get the large abseil painting job completed over a period of just 4 weeks.

Our rope access painter team has successfully completed a broad range of challenging high rise painting projects on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads.  If you want an abseiler painter team with the skills, experience and attention to detail to paint your high rise safely, efficiently and on budget, give the team at Tweed Rope Access a call today on 0410 293 975 for a free consultation.

High Rise Low Rise Rope Access - Tweed Rope Access

Whether you have a high rise or low rise in need of maintenance, cleaning or repairs it is a necessity to complete the project with a competent and up to date rope access company.

The great thing about using rope access for work placement is that we can access the exact spot, places or entire building where personnel are required to be.

It costs a lot to scaffold a building, and that expense only rises with the height of the building. If you have small remedial repairs to be completed or an entire repaint, works via ropes can be finished or well underway by the time scaffold is erected. Our simple process of Installing anchor points and attaching ropes means that we can begin working immediately.

Disruption to business or residential is kept to a minimum – Tweed Rope Access.
To find out how we can help you save money and provide the ideal service for your needs, send us a message below.

What Is Height Safety - Tweed Rope Access

Falls from height can leave employees with permanent and debilitating injuries. Falls often occur from roofs, scaffolds, ladders, trucks and mezzanine floors or into pits or holes.

Falls from less than one metre can result in serious injuries such as fractures, spinal cord injury, concussions and brain damage. The risk of serious injury or death from a fall increases significantly when working at heights over two metres.

Where possible redesign of the workplace or the work task to minimise the need for people to do the work or part of the work at height. Where work must be done at height, ensure the work is done from one of the following (controls listed from most preferable to least)

  • An elevated work platform or portable scaffold with secure handrails.
  • Travel restraint systems.
  • Fall arrest systems (eg safety harness, industrial safety net or catch platform)
  • Step platforms
  • Ladders.
  • Travel-restraint and fall arrest systems and the associated anchorages must be designed by a competent person.

Any person using such systems must be given appropriate training and supervision.

Sealing And Caulking Done Right - Tweed Rope Access

To do a good job, the quality of materials used and the quality of workmanship is what it comes down to.

Getting it done well the first time usually means you’re going to avoid having to call someone out again which saves you time, effort and money. Too many times you go to a building (especially new buildings) and right away you can see substandard workmanship. This is often because a project has been hurried along, the budget hasn’t been there to finish the project off properly, or seals had blown well before they were guaranteed for. Many of these newly finished buildings constantly leak in places where someone hasn’t sealed it properly, they’ve put sealant in, but a proper seal has not been created. If you fix one of these, you are sure to find many others.

It is always a surprise to people that pay $300,000 + for their new apartment, and it is full of leaks. This happens a lot.

If this happens within the building contract, it becomes an insurance job, so so we suggest for people to get their apartments sorted out while it’s still under the builder’s contract.

How Often Should A Window Clean Be Done - Tweed Rope Access

Cleaning and Protecting Your Glass with Regular High Rise Window Cleaning

We recommend that you get high rise window washers to clean your glass at least 4 times per year on the Gold Coast or Tweed areas.

There are two main reasons to consider cleaning your high rise windows more regularly if your building is in the Gold Coast area:

1.  Clean Windows Have a Huge Impact on How Your Guest Perceive Overall Cleanliness

When a guest checks into your high rise apartment on the Gold Coast, you can guarantee there’s going to be one thing they are excited about – THE VIEW!  If your guests arrive, only to find out that they can barely see though the windows, you’re already going to be fighting an uphill battle to ensure their stay is memorable and that they want to stay with you again.

With thousands of people relying on online review sites nowadays such as Trip Advisor, one negative review can literally cost you thousands – not to mention the buzz on social media.

Make sure you get your windows cleaned before every major holiday period to ensure you give your guest the “wow” factor when they check in and leave you a review that will have other potential guests knocking at your door.  Our team of high rise window washers can clean most buildings within days.  Call us today on 0410 293 975 to arrange a window washing quote.

2. Protecting Glass From Hard Water Damage and Pollutants

Glass is porous and has a tendency to hold onto minerals such as lime, salt and calcium, which can build up over time causing premature damage to the windows.  Have you ever seen windows with that spotty whitish staining?  You often see it on glass around swimming pools or sprinkler systems.  If your windows aren’t cleaned regularly, this will eventually happen, leaving you with costly repairs or replacements.

Don’t let your windows go by the way side!

Clean window will impress your guest and last decades longer than windows that have been neglected.

Call your local TRA rep today on 0410 293 975 to arrange a quote for our team of highly skilled high rise window washers to carry out a clean today.


high rise window washing

Window cleaner using a squeegee to wash a high rise window.