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Building maintenance is an ongoing requirement and the larger the building the larger the task. There for staying on top of it becomes all the more important.

Tweed Rope Access uses the latest techniques to help bring this task to a manageable scale while remaining time efficient and cost effective compared to traditional methods. Access via ropes allows for a prompt set up and precise work placement, with minimal to no disruption to the public.

This ability to place our workers where they are needed without the use of large scale scaffold construction saves us time and you money. It is ideal for remedial repair work, building inspections and leak detection.

Maintenance tasks commonly carried out by our abseiling team include; minor render repair, rust spot removal, sealing, high garden bed maintenance, sign installation and much more.  Before you engage in any maintenance tasks on your multi-storey complex, ask us first if it can be done via rope access.  You may be surprised by what we can do and save yourself time, hassle and money.

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High-Rise Building Inspections

This may include the facade, brick work, damaged window seals, structural condition and any other areas of concern you may have.

We are able to identify any defects that will create safety issues and/or hazards for people on the streets below and anything that will affect the structural integrity of the building.

Taking a proactive approach to maintaining your building is the smart way of ensuring it remains structurally sound.  A complete building inspection once every 24 months is the best way to make sure you catch small defects in the paintwork and facades giving you the chance to remedy them before they develop into something more serious such as concrete cancers or leaks.

High-Rise Building Leak Detection

Leak detection begins as a game of guess work. “Where is it coming from, and what has caused it?” Sometimes you have to cover a vast area to find the smallest crack or hole.

Rope access provides a base for eliminating a lot of that guesswork by allowing a visual inspection of the exterior render, window seals, balconies and major joint seals of concrete slabs.

These are the places where most leaks will form. Once the leak has been found we can prep and seal any cracks or holes that may be the cause of the issue

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