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High Rise & Multi-Level Buildings

Access Systems done right with Tweed Rope Access! Primarily we focus on Rope Access Systems, Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest systems for new and existing High Rise Building & Multi Level Apartments and Resorts.

Although we are able to facilitate the planning and installation of a wide range of safety systems. This can including walkways, platform systems, guardrails, static – vertical/horizontal lines and access ladders.

We provide a fully engineered service, from initial design through to manufacture, supply and installation. This gives solutions for all your height safety requirements within the guidelines of the Australian Standards.

What Makes Us Different - Tweed Rope Access

Rope Access Height Safety Systems

In accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4 2009, rope access anchor points and height safety systems must be inspected and certified by a qualified height safety technician every 12 months.

We make your compliance obligations easy by scheduling your mandatory testing and keeping you updated as to any regulatory changes that may affect your building.

We also provide an inspection, testing and maintenance service for all types of existing access systems.

High Rise Fall Restraint & Fall Arrest Systems

Fall Restraint – If you are working within two meters of an open or unguarded edge safe working methods suggest that a fall restraint system is used. A single anchor point or length of cable may be installed to gain access to roofs, walkways or any area close to an edge. For this type of system, only one point of attachment is needed, combined with a lanyard that’s set to a required length, this will prevent the user from reaching the edge.

This system is best for general building maintenance like replacing roof panels or screws, air conditioning repair or plumbing and electrical work. The great thing about Fall Restraint systems is that it allows the user safe and quick access without the need for extensive training.
Training will be provided with the installation of your access system.

Fall Arrest – uses similar equipment to fall restraint. The difference is that Fall Arrest allows the user to access an edge or multiple levels to complete the work required within that particular area. While fall restraint prevents the user from getting to an edge, the fall arrest system will help to avoid contact with a lower level in the event of a fall.

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