Tweed Rope Access.

Tweed Rope Access specialise in High Access Projects. Gold Coast, NSW Industrial Abseilers delivering affordable Rope Access Services.

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Painting via Rope Access allows our Team of Professional Painters to easily access more areas with minimal disruption to High-Rises & Multi-Story Apartments.

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Cleaning is essential for building maintenance and will, therefore, increase the longevity of your investment. Window Cleaning & High Pressure Cleaning.

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The structural integrity of all windows relies on a strong and complete seal. Tweed Rope Access remove the risk of windows breaking and leaking in bad weather.

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Building Maintenance

Rope Access allows fast and easy access to the exterior of any building. This ease of access enables us to cover a greater area to give you a more detailed report on the condition of your building.

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Height Inspections

We provide a fully engineered service, from initial design through to manufacture, supply and installation. This gives solutions for all your height safety requirements within the guidelines of the Australian Standards.

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Rope Access Certification

The installation of all access systems come with certification and safety checks completed to AS/NZS standards and our highest degree of Scrutiny.

Tweed Rope Access Clients.

Marakesh - Tweed Rope Access Client
Opal Aged Care - Tweed Rope Access Client
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What Makes Us Different.

Whereas with traditional methods like scaffolding, it can take days to erect, causes disruptions and remains in view and on site throughout the project.


Our ability to provide a fast and efficient services using Rope Access.


Professional Tradesman with Abseiling experience not the other way around.


Workmanship, Competency is always supervised and checked off.

Latest Projects.

Abseil Painting Gold Coast
Abseil Painting Gold Coast

Our quality of workmanship will give you peace of mind

Willis Urquhart – Managing Director of Tweed Rope Access

Whether you have a high rise, multi level apartment, high set home with difficult access, our setup only requires the installation of inconspicuous anchors on the roof or on the side of your building.

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